USS New Mexico SSN 779: Submarine Photo


The personalized printed picture of USS New Mexico SSN 779 is exactly as you see it.  Printed on Canvas for a unique work of art.  You have the choice of two print sizes. 8″x10″ or 11″x14″ ready for framing as it is, or you can add an additional matte of your own choosing. The prints are made to order.  They look awesome when matted and framed. 

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This photo of USS New Mexico SSN 779 personalized print is exactly as you see it with the matte printed around it.  You will have the choice of two print sizes, either 8″x10″ or 11″x14″.  The print will be ready for framing, or you can add an additional matte of your own choosing then you can mount it in a larger frame.  Your personalized print will look awesome when you frame it. 

We PERSONALIZE your print of the USS New Mexico SSN 779 with your name, rank and years served and there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this option.   After you place your order, you can simply email us or indicate in the notes section of your payment what you would like printed. For example:

United States Navy Submariner
Proudly Served: Your Years Here

This would make a nice gift for yourself or that special Navy veteran you may know, therefore, it would be fantastic for decorating the home or office wall.

The watermark “Great Naval Images” will NOT be on your print.

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The USS New Mexico SSN 779 photo is printed on Archival-Safe Acid-Free canvas using a high-resolution printer and should last many years. The unique natural woven texture canvas offers a special and distinctive look that can only be captured on canvas. Most Submariners loved his boat.  It was his life.  Where he had tremendous responsibility and lived with his closest shipmates.  As one gets older, the appreciation for the boat and the Navy experience will get stronger.  The personalized print shows ownership, accomplishment and an emotion that never goes away.  When you walk by the print you will feel the person or the Navy experience in your heart.

We have been in business since 2005 and our reputation for having great products and customer satisfaction is indeed exceptional. You will, therefore, enjoy this product guaranteed.

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