World War II Veterans (1941 – 1945)

     These boys gave up their youth to fight for this country.  They carried the burdens of war in their mind until they died.  What they experienced is unspeakable and showed tremendous bravery, honor and pride for the cause.  They came home hardened and changed forever.  The price they paid brought freedom to the world.  Generations could enjoy peace without fear of tyranny.

   They came home and did the best they could to put the horrors of war behind them.  They got married, created families and didn’t much think of themselves as heroes.  Time has shown the tremendous value of their sacrifice.  We live our life today because of them.  For many years their fellow veterans understood them.  They seldom talked to anyone about their experiences. When they tried, many of their conversations fell on deaf ears.  They were speaking to people who could not possibly understand.

     The World War II memorial was not even dedicated until 2005 nearly 60 years after the war ended.  By that time there were less than 5,000,000 veterans left.  That means 10% of the veterans were barely recognized for their accomplishments.  Yet, everything in our life is a gift from their efforts.

     How anyone who is alive today and came from a descendant of one of these great solders of war can not want to know everything possible about them is beyond me.  As children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of these special veterans we must never forget and always try to learn more about their life and what it should mean to you.

     They are our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers who we owe a great deal of gratitude.  Never miss an opportunity to thank a veteran when you meet one.  A very small portion of the population ever served their country in this way.  It is important to acknowledge your appreciation and understanding of their work.

     Every veteran no matter when they joined the service took an oath to protect and defend our country and if necessary to die for it.  That is no small commitment.  Perhaps that is why most of us prefer to not do it.  That doesn’t make you smarter or any less of a person then they are but you should appreciate this special group.

Honor Courage and Commitment

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